Dear Candidate;


Skill Tech Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a Private Training Provider who is conducting training on behalf of its Clients. This training is funded by our Clients. By completing these documents, we can provide you with an opportunity to receive training. Kindly note that this is only an Application Process.

Please read through the following information before proceeding with your Application.

You can apply as follows:

  • Download the Application Form 
  • Or Apply Online 

Should you choose to Apply by downloading the Application Form kindly note the following steps:

  • Click on the PDF icon and download the document.

  • Print and complete the document.

  • Scan and e-mail the document to

Please note, No manual submissions or walk‘ins will be allowed at our Office’s.

Business Meeting

Complete your Application Online.

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 To complete your Application  Online

  • Capture all information Online.

  • Ensure all the required fields have been captured

  • Once you are finished capturing your information please click on the “Submit” button.

This will complete the Online process and your documents will be forwarded to us.

Kindly Note:

  • This is NOT an job application.

  • There is no guarantee for training.

  • Do not send through multiple applications.

  • We will contact You when an Opportunity arises.

Thank you for choosing Skill Tech Solutions and trusting us with Your Information.

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